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Sell online

The Internet is rapidly becoming an indispensable business tool, creating unprecedented opportunity for organizations of all sizes. At the same time, consumer Internet usage is growing dramatically around the world. A well-designed online store can help you create competitive advantage in the marketplace, develop loyal customers, and most importantly increase your bottom line. With all the advantages ecommerce offers, can you afford not to be online?

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Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Today's consumers are savvy and connected. They shop not only in traditional "brick and mortar" retail stores, but also at home on their computers, and even from the road using the latest wireless devices. Don't miss a single opportunity to make a sale, whether in your "real world" retail establishment or your online ecommerce store.



What is Ecommerce?

Are you new to ecommerce and have a lot of questions? Don’t worry we’ll outline basic steps to help you get you started.



Integrate Your Online and Offline Business

Place your new website address everywhere you have your corporate identity—your business cards, product brochures, receipts and invoices, in your email signature and even on your delivery trucks.


1.  The first step to setting up an online store is to select an on-line store application, for example EasyStoreMaker Pro.

2.  The next thing you will need to do is set up a Merchant Account if you plan to accept online credit card transactions. A merchant account will help you process
     credit card transactions and also transfer funds into your checking account.

3.  If you accept on-line credit card transactions you will have to sign up for a payment gateway supported by your online store application and a merchant account.
     Examples of Payment gateways are and



How Ecommerce works

Online stores, merchant accounts and payment gateways, how do all these tie in together? It might sound confusing at first, but don’t worry, here’s how it works.


1.  User logs on to online store and chooses item to purchase

2.  User enters in credit card number. This transaction information is passed via a payment gateway to the banking network

3.  The banking network then passes this information along to an acquiring bank where the merchants account is held.

4.  The acquiring bank then transfers funds into the merchant’s local bank account.


That’s it!

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